Government Tries to Force 12-yr Old Boy to Get Chemo & Radiation Against Will of Parents. Kid Didn’t Even Have Cancer!

By Citizen Watch Report

Have you heard of the case of Parker Jensen? It’s a horrific story of where the government tried to forced a 12 year old boy to get chemo and radiation against the will of the parents, and even worse, he never even had cancer in the first place.

Luckily Parker had strong and determined parents who refused to accept the diagnosis and barbaric “treatment”, wanting to find a second opinion and talk to other doctors first.

After they refused and before any bloodwork was done, the diagnosing doctors reported to the state that Parker had 2 weeks to live and needed chemo/radiation immediately, which led to a court order and then the parents refusing to honor it.

They then charged his father with Kidnapping his own son because they fled the state to prevent them from taking their kid, and then eventually caught and arrested him in Idaho, but not the mother and son.

Parker and his mom remained on the run for weeks, before eventually proving he had no cancer in the first place and a judge eventually dismissing the charges.

This started Aug 20th, 2003, and the judge finally dismissed the charges on Oct 25th 2003.

The Jensen family sued the state and lost. No justice was delivered and they could have killed Parker with the chemo on a false diagnosis.

This is still happening to this day.

Ohio Hospital Can Force Chemo on Amish Girl, Court Says

The parents of five-year-old Ashya King, who were detained after taking him abroad for brain tumour treatment, say their son is now free of cancer.

Brett and Naghemeh King were held in prison in Madrid last summer after taking their son from hospital in Southampton against medical advice.

They took him to receive treatment in Prague that was unavailable in the UK.

The NHS Trust that treated Ashya has declined to comment on his current condition.

Mr King has told the Sun newspaper a recent scan showed “no evidence” of the tumour.

Mr and Mrs King took Ashya out of Southampton General Hospital last August, after disagreeing with doctors about his treatment and deciding to seek proton beam treatment abroad.

They took him to Spain but were arrested at the request of the British authorities and held in Madrid’s Soto Del Real prison.

The Doctor was about to have his clinical trial shut down and needed 12 year old white males to continue his clinical trials on this form of cancer. Fucking evil ghoul.

Dr. Wagner was a “co- investigator” of a clinical trial for which Parker might have been eligible and he didn’t disclose this to the Jensens. He also discouraged the Jensens from seeking a 2nd medical opinion.

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