How Some of Us, Like Robert Kennedy Jnr, Were Able to Accurately Predict Ahead of Time, Exactly What was Going to Happen During the COVID Pandemic?

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

How some of us, like Robert Kennedy Jnr, were able to accurately predict ahead of time, exactly what was going to happen during the COVID pandemic?

In fact in my book released in 2016, “The Great Vaccine Con”, I wrote after whistleblowers came to us at the Australian National Review and other Independent Media, to expose the vaccine industry as an entire fraud, that was covering up death and injury and mainstream media won’t expose it.

I stated that by the year 2022, they would likely mandate vaccines to grow sales from a measly $5 billion in 2005 to over $100 billion by 2022.

And look what happened.

I also put up a $1 Million challenge in 2016 if anyone could prove any vaccine was safe, effective, and necessary.

Robert Kennedy Jrn and Robert DeNiro put up $100k to challenge the public as well.

I also correctly predicted they would cover up vaccine death and injury by claiming they were dying of the disease. Something the industry has also done for decades, and they’ll use the Government and Media to sell their products and the more it kills, the more they spin it that that’s why more need to be vaccinated, see people are dying of the disease.

I continue to give the book away for free to those who opt in for it at the Australian National Review

See Robert’s predictions below that scarily come true.

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