How to Put an End to Meat Consumption: Induce Mad Cow Disease by Administering Self-Amplifying mRNA (saRNA) Vaccine To All Cattle

By 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

If the WEF and UN are unable to sufficiently propagandize the populace with their PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE and cattle-emit-too-much-CO2 fear mongering scams, then they are most certainly prepared to poison the entire livestock food supply with their bioweapon injections.

This substack has previously covered how the DEATHVAX™ induces the exceptionally rare Creutzfeld Jacobs Disease (CJD) in humans:

The analogue of CJD in the animal world is Mad Cow Disease. And now we have proof that the WEF, UN, Bill Gates et al. are ramping up their PSYOP-FAMINE project; to wit:

Genvax Technologies, a startup dedicated to bringing advances in self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA) vaccine production to animal health, has secured $6.5 million in series seed funding.

From Mad Cow Disease to passing on the deadly Modified mRNA from animal to human, the possibilities are endless for these saRNA “vaccines.”

“United Animal Health sees Genvax and self-amplifying mRNA vaccines as the cutting edge of technology to protect the industries we serve,” Scott Holmstrom, Ph.D., senior vice president, research and development of United Animal Health, said in a release. “These technologies are critical to food security and protein availability. We are excited to be offering our innovation and research farms to work carefully with Genvax in developing these future products.”

Self-amplifying from animal to animal to human. What could possibly go wrong?

United Animal Health is of course a biosecurity entity that has teamed up with yet another unconstitutional government agency in the USDA.

But it gets worse.

United Animal Health also happens to be partners with World Organization for Animal Health which is yet another One World Government node. Of course, on their home page currently is more of the same psyop terrorism with the following article:

Remaining on alert: how monkeypox could spread back to animals from humans

“Remaining” on alert? Perhaps if said animals have a history of frequenting gay bars and gay parades.

It gets even worse.

We come full circle to the evil of “vaccines” and eugenics incarnate: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation happens to be funding United Animal Health’s partners in crime; to wit:

Clearly, “vaccines” for every carbon based life form or die trying is the Gates mantra.

From stakeholder “capitalism” to “stakeholder pork” — these brainwashed Death Cultists just can’t help themselves as they mindlessly repeat and butcher (pun intended) the indoctrination terms:

“We’ve been impressed with Joel Harris and the Genvax team, in addition to the novel technology they are developing,” Kevin Ladwig, managing director of Johnsonville Ventures, said in a release. “As a stakeholder in the pork industry, we feel this is a necessary step in helping prepare for and protect against African swine fever and other emerging diseases.”

You can read the entire Genvax Technologies article here.

From Genetically modified organisms (GMO) to genetically modified livestock (GML) to genetically modified humans (GMH), these One World Government sociopaths are busily poisoning the food supply in plain sight just like they injected slow kill bioweapons into people.

Do NOT comply.