I Never Saw Cancer in Anyone Unvaccinated “Says a Doctor in 1936 and by Many Doctors Since

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

“I never saw cancer in anyone unvaccinated, “Says a Doctor in 1936 and by many Doctors since. I wonder if people knew the Rockefeller Foundation created vaccines as a population control measure and used vaccines as the way for the deadly cancer viruses they had created in labs, injected into humans, knowing full well it may not kill them straight away, but 20-30-40 years later almost everyone will drop dead of cancer, but they will never link it to the vaccines, and other poisons pushed upon the innocent and gullible. The Covid jab the deadliest one ever invented is speeding the cycle up, and that’s why many die in a short time after the jab. But with their mass media propaganda, they will create names like SADs after creating names such as SIDs to cover up humans dropping dead for no known reason. The reason is known and it was always done deliberately.

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