Is the CDC Totally Blind to All the Adverse Events From the COVID Vaccines?


It appears so. Here’s a small sample of some of the huge safety signals that the CDC is deliberately ignoring.

It’s almost as if the CDC doesn’t want to know about the safety signals from the COVID vaccines. The safety signals are glaringly obvious as you will see in this article.

Executive summary

The COVID vaccines are more dangerous than any other vaccine in history.

The CDC wants you to believe there are just a few cases of myocarditis.

In this article, I’m going to show you they are lying to you. Big time.

There are hundreds of very serious adverse events that they simply aren’t telling you about and hope you will never figure out.


The only serious adverse event the CDC acknowledges for the COVID vaccines are myocarditis.

The query for myocarditis for all vaccines in VAERS looks like the graph below. Remember the shape. You’ll see this pattern again.


Pulmonary embolism


Atrial fibrillation

Erectile dysfunction

Nikki Minaj was right; all the world’s health experts were wrong. What can I say?

Cardiac arrest

Honorable mention goes to HIBV which came in a distant second place.


Intracranial hemorrhage

The HIBV vaccine came in a distant second.

Aortic Aneurysm

The COVID booster shot came in a distant second place here.


Guillain-Barre syndrome


Bell’s palsy

The peak at 15-30 days is striking because it is higher than the peak at day 0.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Justin Bieber has this. You maximize your chance to get Ramsay Hunt syndrome by choosing the COVID vaccine. The second best choice with nearly half as many events is the VARZOS vaccine!

Stiff person syndrome

Very rare, but once again, our favorite, the safe and effective COVID vaccine comes out on top here. In second place was the almost as dangerous HPV vaccine.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD)

Once again, the COVID vaccine is the best choice if you want to get CJD which is always fatal.

Menstrual bleeding

COVID vaccine is the clear category leader. Nobody else comes close.

Metal poisoning

I wanted to show that the COVID vaccine doesn’t give you every adverse effect.

For the metal poisoning adverse event, the COVID vaccines don’t register. It’s one of the few adverse events you don’t have to worry about if you get a COVID vaccine.


I could go on for hundreds of adverse events.

The numbers and the graphs are simply impossible to explain if the COVID vaccines are safe.

The COVID vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines in recorded VAERS history, no question about it.

For the CDC and medical community to say these vaccines are safe is ludicrous.

The CDC will ignore all the adverse events in VAERS and so will the medical community because they take their marching orders from the CDC, not from what the data actually says. It’s willful blindness.

And most of the public will do whatever the medical community says, no matter how bad the data is because they trust doctors and feel like they don’t know how to interpret the data. Even if it kills them, they will follow their doctor’s advice.

But I thought you should know the facts, even if they will never tell you.

As for me, I’m avoiding all vaccines until there is data transparency of public health data and I can see the risk benefit. In other words, I won’t be getting any more vaccines for the rest of my life.


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