Is Your Medical Practice Willing to Participate in IRB-approved Medical Research?


If you work at a medical practice and you’d like to help us do medical research, it’s important you read this post.

This is important.

Please fill out this survey if you work at a medical practice and would consider being involved in IRB-approved medical research designed to improve patient outcomes.

This is especially important if you work at a pediatric medical practice or you treat kids with special needs (ASD, ADHD, etc).

By filling out the form, there is NO OBLIGATION to participate in any study. We are just collecting possible sites at this point.


The survey


  1. Yes, it will be IRB reviewed and approved.
  2. That means yes, HIPAA compliance will be met.
  3. No, we are not seeking only physicians willing to consider that vaccines might add substantially to chronic health.
  4. Yes, we will publish our DAP (data analysis plan) prior to securing data point 1.
  5. Yes, we have an epidemiologist on our team.
  6. No, you do not have to be a co-author.
  7. No, you will not have to put time into data pulling.  We’ll have a HIPAA-trained team of honest brokers do that.


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