Ivermectin: The Truth

By Plandemic Series Official


Here’s what others had to say:

Ivermectin works, that’s why they trashed it. Their goal was to destroy lives, not save them.

All have to be held to account and sentenced to death with their wealth confiscated.

I take it and I have never felt better. I have no more depression got off my meds slowly and eat healthier. It really works.

Ivermic and HCQ works great, but not at all if you wait until hospitalized. Plus they won’t give it to in there.
Get on it early like within a few days.

It as all about the money ! They put peoples lives at risk with the vaccines

Wait the flock finds out what ivermectin and HCQ do to cancer cells.

Smoking gun is not the efficacy, but rather their attack on the safety. That’s how I realized the whole game is rigged and corrupted and captured.

Unbelievable, how reduced their ability to discern. I’ve been taking ivermectin for years after traveling to high risk areas in Central and South America.

Big Pharma, the den of thieves.

Original source: https://rumble.com/v1huyrn-ivermectin-the-truth.html