Latest Videos: Journalist Greg Hunter, Vaxxine Victim Jeff Diamond, Public Health Official Troy Ross, LI-Meng Yan, James Lyons-Weiler on PCR

By Steve Kirsch

Videos you should know about.


Links to new videos:
  1. Greg Hunter: I’m interviewed on USA Watchdog
  2. Jeff Diamond: Musician who lost his fingers after the vax from amputation.
  3. Troy Ross: He’s a rare public health official who tells the truth.
  4. Li-Meng Yan: World famous virologist and Chinese government whistleblower says the virus was deliberately released by the Chinese government as a bio-weapon and why.
  5. James Lyons-Weiler: The PCR test and does the virus exist nonsense.
  6. CDC video: shows vaccine efficacy in the real world (a must watch)

Greg Hunter interview

He’s a big fan of my work. I never get interview requests from people who disagree with me and want to show the world I’m lying.

A few of my followers have already seen it and thought it was excellent:

Musician Jeff Diamond interview

Sorry about the sound echo in the video. My fault.

I interviewed a musician who lost his fingers due to amputation after vaccination.

He got the shot, was later found unconscious in his home, was taken to the hospital, and when he woke up discovered his fingers had been amputated. A tragic story.

Public Health official Troy Ross interview

I’m sorry about the echo here. My fault.

Troy Ross is the Public Health officer of Lander County, Nevada. He’s the only public health official who would agree to an on-camera interview. Know why? He agrees with me that the vaccines are deadly, masks don’t, work and pretty much everything else. I thought it would be important to document that there is at least one public health official in America who knows the truth. That’s a good sign. Maybe we can find a second someday.

Li-Meng Yan

In this video, Dr. Yan discusses the information she has about who funded the creation of the virus (we did), where it was done (WIV), whether it was deliberately released (it was), whether the Chinese vaccine works (it doesn’t), is it a bioweapon (yes), what was it design to do (create havoc in China’s enemies esp the US), and more.

James Lyons-Weiler

Want to drill down to the next level of the PCR test? Or want to know if the virus exists? This is the video for you.

Bottom line: PCR test is fine if performed right. It’s rarely done right. The CDC really screwed up on this. See around 12:00.

New CDC vax promo video (humor)

When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe that they are NOT going to get infected! Whew! What a relief.