New Police Testimony + Peer-reviewed Literature Both Show Vaccines ARE Causing SIDS: No Doubt About It!


Are you surprised? Both the police data AND the peer-reviewed literature agree: the vaccines are causing SIDS. When will the mainstream medical community admit they were wrong?

Executive summary

A police officer in a town of 350,000 investigated 3 to 4 SIDS cases a month for the past 7 years. She realized early in the process that gathering vaccine data was useful. So she has 7 years worth of data and it shows that over half the cases happened within 1 week from a vaccine.

That is statistically impossible if the vaccines are not causing SIDS.

You can see Ben Tapper talk about her and her direct testimony.

She doesn’t come up publicly with her name and her department to avoid retaliation. She brought it up to her superiors but was told to keep it to herself by her bosses.

But you don’t have to believe her because I ran across a paper in the peer-reviewed medical literature which exposed the data and just didn’t analyze it correctly. So now I’m going to take that “gold standard” data and prove to you it is consistent with what the police detective found: that data would be very hard for anyone to explain if vaccines aren’t causing SIDS.

The police officer’s video

Ben Tapper tells the story of SIDS investigations linking SIDS and vaccines

Ben Tapper talking about the police officer:

In a town of 300,000 people, two police detectives assigned to investigate SIDS found that 75% of the SIDS cases happened within 48 hours of a vaccine. This was from cases over a 7 year period so around 500 cases total.
To this day, they are afraid of retribution if they talk about it publicly (neither work there anymore). When they brought this up to their superiors, they were told not to say anything about it to anyone.

Ben is sending me the video of one of the police officers saying this. He knows her, and she is a police officer, and there is no reason she would lie about this.

She also spoke about this in 2019 in an early video posted to Ben’s telegram channel.


Former police officer reveals that 50% of SIDS cases happen within 1 week of a vaccine

Direct testimony from the police officer herself:


She’s afraid to reveal her identity or the identity of the police department. She did this for 7 years in a city of 350,000 people and handled 3-4 cases a month.

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This means she didn’t just get “unlucky.” The childhood vaccines are CAUSING the deaths. There is no other way to explain the skew.

This also explains why unvaccinated children rarely die of SIDS.

Make sense now?

They simply aren’t allowed to consider the vaccine ever as the cause of death.

That’s the way it goes.


Basically, 300 cases where over half happened within 1 week of a vaccine. She was told by her superiors to keep quiet about it.

The calculation

Basically, there is 1e-43 chance that this police officer was simply unlucky.

In other words, she wasn’t unlucky. Nobody is that unlucky.

Unless she is lying which is highly doubtful, the vaccines caused the deaths in at least half the cases.

But more importantly: vaccines cause SIDS.

The peer-reviewed literature backs up her story

This 2010 paper from Japan, “Sudden Infant Death After Vaccination: Survey of Forensic Autopsy Files” shows six different ways we can back up the police officer’s testimony (in case you were skeptical).

This is an autopsy study in Japan where the SIDS rates are already very low because they delay a lot of vaccines until kids are older. So the percentage of kids with vaccine-caused SIDS will be much lower than in the US. Just keep that in mind.

Also, this study was tiny. Nothing like the 300 cases our detective had where they thoroughly investigated each death prospectively. This study was just 50 cases.

But you’ll see, even with this difference, we still have a very strong signal that vaccines are causing SIDS. All 4 of these observations using data from the paper would be very hard to explain.

  1. SIDS rates are vaccine-type dependent. The deaths were much more likely after optional vaccines than required vaccines! Look at the Japanese vaccination program. The most cases of SIDS should be after the vaccines with the most doses in children from 0 to 1 if the vaccines aren’t causing SIDS. But instead, the HiB vaccine, which is optional, has the highest number of deaths (12), yet both the polio and BCG vaccines are both required vaccines and both have 0 SIDS deaths. This makes absolutely no sense if SIDS isn’t caused by vaccines; the rates cannot depend on vaccine type; it should only depend on which vaccines are given the most under age 1 and be only proportional to the frequency the vaccine is given. You can stop the analysis right here. We’re done. The rest of the arguments are icing on the cake.
  2. SIDS rates are significantly higher within a week of vaccination. The number of cases within 7 days of a vaccine (7) is virtually the same as the number of cases between 8 and 28 days (8). So it’s happening at a 3X higher rate closer to the vaccination rate. That’s statistically very very unlikely if the vaccine isn’t causing SIDS. Bigger numbers would increase our certainty, but this is still a statistically significant difference which means it is consistent with our hypothesis.
  3. For those under 6 months, the proportion of SIDS cases within 1 week of the vaccine is impossibly high. 36.4% of the kids under 6 months got SIDS within 7 days after vaccination. Sorry, that’s just not possible unless kids are being vaccinated every 3 weeks when they are under 6 months. That’s simply not the case.
  4. For kids at the 1 year mark, there were too many cases within 1 week of the vaccine. From Fig 1, we see that a total of 9 kids got SIDS at the one year mark, and 3 of the 9 got it within a week of vaccination. The last vaccination was at 9 months so there were 12 weeks for the 9 cases to happen if they were random which is a rate of 9/12 in a week. Yet 3 events happened. That would happen by pure chance less than 4% of the time. So again, this is statistically significant and consistent with our hypothesis.


These results can’t be explained if the vaccines aren’t causing SIDS.

Is there evidence the police officer is lying? What is her motivation?

If there is more definitive case-level data like these examples where the SIDS deaths are not in close proximity of vaccination with certain vaccines, I have yet to see it. Why isn’t anyone able to produce that data?


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