OK, You Were Right. We Admit Vaccine is Contaminated With SV40, But We Found Some Experts Who Think it’s Not a Problem


How is it that Kevin McKernan, and not any world health authority, found the contamination in April 2023? And why are the FDA, CDC, and the mainstream media still silent about this?

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and now the best part is confirmation by Health Canada. Where is the FDA and CDC??? Asleep at the wheel??

Executive summary

Kevin McKernan is a friend of mine and his work is unimpeachable. His results have been replicated by others all over the world. He found that the COVID vaccines contain therapeutic levels of plasmid DNA. DNA lasts forever, and if it integrates into your genome, you will produce its product forever

The main takeaways are:

  1. The mRNA vaccines are contaminated with SV40 and who knows what else. This should never have been allowed.
  2. The vials exceeded the guidelines by “orders of magnitude.”
  3. The discovery was confirmed by Health Canada.
  4. The FDA and CDC are remaining silent.
  5. We don’t know what the implications are. Experts disagree. Some claim the contamination is meaningless. Others say it could be very serious.
  6. The experts who claim there is no risk of harm have NO EVIDENCE to back up their claims. So that’s really comforting, isn’t it? Trust the experts :). Don’t worry.
  7. The politicians seem happy to let YOU take the risk. And they aren’t giving you any informed consent about this issue. Nobody seems to be requesting the CDC warn anyone of the potential risk. Wouldn’t want to scare anyone, would we?
  8. It was not the government regulators who first discovered the contamination. It was my friend Kevin McKernan. This should never have happened. The government should have discovered this at the very outset, 3 years ago.
  9. It would have been discovered sooner by independent researchers, but people were threatened with arrest if they supplied vials for analysis. I know this first hand because I was warned I would be arrested and criminally charged if I participated in trying to analyze the vials.
  10. We don’t fully know the ramifications of the contamination, but they probably aren’t good, and they could be devastating and irreversible. We don’t know yet because nobody has done the necessary studies.
  11. The experts I consulted thought that it was likely to be very serious. But they couldn’t quantify “likely” but said only that it was “more likely than not.”
  12. I volunteered for a full gene sequencing study, but they said they’d have to cut off my deltoid muscle, so I changed my mind.
  13. The regulators apparently never QAed any of the vials. If they did, they would have found contaminations such as this before it was ever injected into a single human being. Or they did and simply chose to remain silent and look the other way. Health Canada said the sequence was disclosed to them, but that the drug company never pointed out that the SV40 promoter sequence was specifically identified in the gene sequence provided.
  14. The SV40 promoter contamination has been known since April 9, 2023 when McKernan published a paper on it. But the CDC and FDA have remained silent on this issue. That’s comforting, isn’t it? <sarcasm off>
  15. The mainstream media is silent as well.
  16. And the mainstream medical community is silent as well. After all, they recommended you injected the stuff so they are not going to admit they fucked up, are they?
  17. There is absolutely no doubt this is happening, so the silence of the formerly “trusted” health authorities is telling.
  18. The longer they delay telling you they forgot to QA the vials, the bigger the hole they are going to dig for themselves.
    Thomas Friedman quote: The first rule of holes is when you're in one...

The “fact checkers” say there is nothing to see here folks

Their argument is two-fold:

  1. The provenance of the vials is unknown.
  2. Just like there is no evidence that nobody has been proven to be injured or killed by the COVID vaccines, the same logic applies with this contamination.

As for the first point, there are way too many independent labs that have validated this for the provenance claim to be credible.

For the second point, sure we don’t know how serious the implications are because nobody has done the proper study to assess this. That’s what they SHOULD have pointed out.

For more info

Here are some excellent articles and videos with more information:

  1. The McKernan paper
  2. Epoch Times article by my friend Joe Mercola explaining what was found.
  3. Blog post by my friend Dr. Ah Kahn Syed giving an in-depth explanation for why this is so serious. He has a unique writing style.
  4. World Council for Health Urgent Expert Hearing on the contamination (combined video as well as individual expert videos)
  5. EXCLUSIVE: Health Canada Confirms Undisclosed Presence of DNA Sequence in Pfizer Shot

Note: I’d have supplied the WHO, FDA, and CDC expert hearing on the matter, but there isn’t one.


Not QAing a product after it was manufactured that was subsequently injected into nearly a billion arms of Americans was a serious mistake.

Why was this discovered in April 2023 by an independent scientist? This should have been discovered by the regulators and there should have been thorough testing to determine whether this is a problem or not. None of this was ever done. It was a huge mistake. They should halt the vaccine until the studies that they should have done can be done.

But don’t count on anyone admitting they made a mistake. There isn’t likely to be any investigations or anyone held accountable.

Our government isn’t liable because they passed a law saying that none of the people involved in the vaccines are liable. But the PREP act is for civil liability, not criminal liability. Expect Congress to pass a law soon making sure that nobody is criminally liable either. After all, everyone knows all vaccines are safe and effective, right?

If you were damaged by taking the COVID vaccines, this is your fault and the government isn’t going to compensate you for your mistake. The number of awards by the vaccine court are few and far between. After all, it was YOUR choice to get the vaccine. Nobody forced you to take it. That would be coercion and that’s a Nuremberg violation.

We don’t know how serious the contamination is. As far as I know, there are no non-human primate studies to find out the answer to this important question.

There are people willing to do such studies, but I don’t know anyone who is willing to fund such a study. The NIH certainly isn’t going to want to know.

None of the government authorities is initiating any studies. If they find an expert claiming there is nothing to fear, that is good enough for them.

So we will all find out the hard way.

Original source: https://kirschsubstack.com/p/ok-you-were-right-we-admit-vaccine