Pathologist Ivana Pavic (Croatia) Reveals Vax Increased Your Cancer Risk by 52%

By Stkirsch


Death rates went up after vax rolled out in Croatia (63K in 2021 which was a record high vs. 52K in 2019). She found that 65% of those age 15-59 with carcinomas (all stages) were vaxxed, but only 55% got the shots. That means that the vaccines increased your risk of getting cancer by 52% over baseline. Whoa!

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Dr. Fauci couldn’t get his face on tv enough when promoting the jab. He seems to have disappeared. Wonder why?

Ivana is another hero like Steve ! They risk their reputations and lives to spread the truth ! God Bless them.

Greetings from Pakistan. Vaccine certificate numbers were registered against the National ID card numbers. During 2021 on the national highway toll booths, vaccination tents were set up. Drivers whose National ID showed they were unvaccinated were escorted to a vaccination tent, usually by an armed military or police officer, and told to explain why they were unvaccinated and told they should receive an injection right there on the spot. At the same time helicopters were flying over observing side roads to see how people were avoiding these road blocks. After this some workers in the National ID centre started to receive bribes and would issue genuine Vaccination certificates without any injection taking place. In situations where governments are literally murdering their citizens, paying bribes to avoid a greater tyranny is essential. I noticed during the non-existent pandemic the people who followed rules and seemed to believe the propaganda, and wore double masks etc, were usually the most educated and wealthiest. The more educated people the more rigidly they hold to false beliefs.

Is the way to interpret this data to suppose that if cancer risk was 1% for this age group for cancer risk that the increase in risk is calculated at 0.01X1.52=1.52% new risk for cancer?

Croatian Pathologist Ivana Pavic reveals vax increased Cancer Risk by 52% over baseline. 63K dead in 2021 post shot vs 52K in 2019. 65% 15-59 age /c Carcinomas were vaxxed, but only 55% of Pop. Got shots. 16,000 physicians in Croatia, population 4 million, ~99% of MD’s recommend shots, while ~99% of population won’t take update shots. Officials refuse to debate. interview by Steve Kirsch 5Mar’24 31m58s


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