Queensland Health’s Director General has Written to All Hospitals and Health Services in the State to Confirm there is no Directive to Stop the Re-employment of Employees Who Refused the Covid-19 Vaccine

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

The wheels are coming off now.

“Queensland Health’s Director General has written to all hospital and health services in the state to confirm there is no directive to stop the re-employment of employees who refused the Covid-19 vaccine.

The move comes after The Courier-Mail was leaked an email sent to a nurse with 15 years experience telling her that her application for a job would not be processed and staff had received instructions that they were unable to employ any staff who were officially terminated.”

The government lies are being exposed thick and fast now aren’t they? I can vouch for more stories like these whereby the Queensland Health Department has refused to employ people on the grounds they didn’t follow an order.

Just more evidence to prove that mandates were always about controlling you rather than keeping you safe.

Original source: https://twitter.com/jamiemcintyre21/status/1764257858626216252