Situation Update, Oct 6, 2022 – mRNA “Vaccines” Actually INSTALL a Bioweapons Staging Platform Into Your Body

By Health Ranger Report

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2:42 Bombshell News

34:14 Karen Kingston

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2:00:03 Russia

– Shocking dump of HHS records reveals world’s largest vaccine propaganda campaign

– The entire entertainment industry was BRIBED to push covid vaccines

– Black doctors were recruited, Evangelicals paid off

– Comedy writers BRIBED to mock anti-vaxxers in comedy routines

– Writers Guild screenwriters pumped with cash to push vaccine storylines

– Social media influencers paid off by HHS and CDC

– Massive campaign was never about immunization or health

– This was actually about INSTALLING human bodies with exotic technology

– Self-assembling biosynthetic structures are GROWING inside people

– Karen Kingston joins discussion about quantum dots, vax patents and nanotech

– External (5G) signals known to influence or ACTIVATE these nanostructures

– Humans could be HOSTS to exotic, self-constructing tech that runs on AI

Here’s what others had to say:

Daniel Swatske
Not only does the TV propagate the vaccine but they always have some kind of sodomites kissing or hugging that’s why I don’t watch TV anymore the best thing you can do is throw it out the window in my opinion it is one of the biggest satanic brainwashing tools there is also I think Karen Kingston has a very good point about this these 5G Towers why are they in the school yards or by Walmart’s everywhere you look there by somewhere where there’s heavy population 5G is a weapon.

Alan Raicer
I have listened to Karen Kingston on numerous occasions over the past two years discuss developments and ongoing revelations re the patents and underlying technologies behind the anti-human agenda that has been rolled out. This was without a doubt the most sweeping and far reaching presentation of them all, by several orders of magnitude. I can hardly believe what has been shared here, not because I feel it is not true, but because I know deep in my bones it IS true. Have to listen to this one a few more times, mind blowing is an understatement here… Wow Mike, and Karen!!!

Texas Bill
I just got my COVID and flu shots. I’m going to tell you why it should be mandatory for your health….oh I’m dizzy 😵 can’t write more….please call 911

Penny Betteridge
We’re due to get our 4th shot (2nd booster). Vaccines are what kept us alive and well. Transhumanism is a load of bollocks. I am still human.

Its Not just the vaccines that are Satanic Mike
Look at the RX drugs, OTC drugs, they are laced with metals and more.
Look at the food treated with flavor enhancing chemicals, you know what that is correct?
Yeah that’s not Godly at all, but most people consume teh food treated with it.
They consume TV and are still being brainwashed by the TV via subliminal messages.
People can claim all they want to be living in Gods way but most never could because they are too addicted and brainwashed.

They are creating compatible host bodies for the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim. Ask Steve Quayle’s opinion on this.

If a person was covid tested they are contaminated with nanotech? Did I hear right?


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