Situation Update, Sep 20, 2022 – USDA Air Dropping Vaccines From Helicopters Across 13 States

By Health Ranger Report

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9:11 Science

16:35 USDA vaccine dropps

40:05 Illegal Aliens

43:05 Shiry Sapir

– The USDA is using a fleet of helicopters to airdrop vaccines disguised as food with marshmallow flavoring
– These are claimed to be RABIES vaccines for raccoons
– But if viral vaccines can be given orally, when are they using NEEDLES for the human vaccines?
– The Pentagon developed Lyme Disease as a bioweapon and has been trying to cover it up ever since
– Most #polio cases in the world are caused by polio #vaccines – to keep the epidemic alive
– The USDA is in the DEATH business, working with #pesticide manufacturers to poison the food
– Beyond Meat executive arrested for biting the NOSE off another man (tastes like chicken?)
– Chinese biotech company just bought 1,400 acres in Florida to build a MONKEY bio-research farm

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