Swiss Government Admits Natural Immunity to COVID More Effective Than Jab


In ditching the jab, Swiss health authorities admitted that natural immunity is the best defense against COVID.

Swiss health authorities have admitted that natural immunity to COVID-19 is more effective at preventing the virus than the COVID jabs produced by Big Pharma and mandated by global governments that have caused sudden death at record levels, becoming the deadliest “vaccine” in human history. The shift away from the jab comes as global awareness of its lethal side effects, and opposition to its mandatory and coerced use, continue to grow, more than three years after the release of COVID.

In issuing the new guidance on the COVID jabs that have become notorious around the globe for causing sudden death and long-term health issues in those injected with them, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health admitted that those who’ve come into contact with the disease naturally have better immunity than the jab could offer them. Therefore, the nation’s public health authorities will not be recommending the jab this spring and summer, even for those in “high-risk” population groups.

“Nearly everyone in Switzerland has been vaccinated and/or contracted and recovered from COVID-19,” says the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. “Their immune system has therefore been exposed to the coronavirus.”

While the new guidelines are thus far in place for just the spring and summer, Swiss public health authorities say that they’ll reevaluate fall and wintertime jab recommendations as well and that they’ll be “adjusted accordingly” when the time comes.

Switzerland COVID Jab

The new COVID jab guidelines as they appear on Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health webpage. The Swiss government admits in the new guidelines that natural immunity to COVID is more effective than the jab.

Though the new recommendation doesn’t outright ban the jab which, along with COVID itself, has been identified as a bioweapon, it does make it rather difficult for Swiss citizens to receive. Those who are deemed members of an “especially high risk” group can still manage to be jabbed if they so desire, but only after an individual consultation with and recommendation from a physician.

“As someone at especially high risk, you can receive a vaccination following an individual consultation with your doctor,” the new guidelines read, adding that the jab must be “recommended” before it’s authorized by Switzerland’s health insurance system.

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