The Anti Vaxxers Were Right About Covid Vaxxines That’s Going to Hurt the Pro Drug Junkie Vaxxers Almost as Much as the Deadly Experimental Drug, Disguised as a Vaxxine, They Foolishly Took

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

The anti-vaxxers were right about Covid vaccines. That’s going to hurt the pro-drug junkie vaxxers almost as much as the deadly experimental drug, disguised as a vaccine, they foolishly took. Many will be collapsing sadly, with a Pfizer-sponsored heart attack, dropping dead, but still trying to post on Twitter “it wasn’t the vaccine – it’s Sudden Dickhead Adult Syndrome” (ok I edited in the dickhead part) but you get this gist. Arrogance and ignorance combined are deadly in the 21st Century. Ignorance is bliss ended after the 3rd vaccine.

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