What Do Two Top MIT Scientists Do When Presented With Compelling Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism?


They ignore it, of course. Because that’s what good scientists do.

Professor Gloria Choi specializes in autism research at MIT. I met with her in her office recently at MIT. I presented her with the evidence that vaccines cause autism. She was not interested in learning more or speaking out about this. Because that’s how science works at one of the world’s top scientific universities. If you want to keep your job, don’t rock the boat even if millions of kids pay the price for your silence.

Executive summary

Keeping your job in science is more important than speaking out when it is scientifically clear to you that your government is irreparably harming kids.


I sent off yet another email to two top scientists at MIT who have a vested interest in autism. One is the head of the EECS Department at MIT. The other is a top autism researcher at MIT.

Both are smart enough to instantly recognize compelling evidence.

What do they do when confronted with uncomfortable data that is impossible for any competent scientist to ignore? They ignore it of course. Because that’s what all good scientists are trained to do: “stay in your lane and do not challenge the medical consensus or you will lose your job.”

My most recent email

Neither person responded to my first email. Here is my second attempt. I expect to hear silence this time as well.

Is the evidence compelling?

For example, nobody can name one child who developed instant autism <24 hours after a vaccine. I can easily name dozens of kids who developed autism < 24 hours after a vaccine. It should be just as easy to find kids who developed autism <24 hours before a vaccine appointment.

Yet nobody in the world can do that including experts who have worked with autistic kids for decades. They’ve only observed it happening after a vaccine. For example, watch this short video clip.

Statistically, that’s impossible.

Are there any honest professors at MIT willing to speak the truth? Yes!

MIT Professor Retsef Levy is the only professor at MIT with the courage to speak the truth.

Stephanie Seneff may be the only other scientist at MIT speaking out.


The excuse that any person speaking out would be crushed is just an excuse.

For example, most of the top autism researchers could join together, sign a statement which is only publicly released after 70 signatures have been added.

That would be powerful. They are all afraid to participate in something like this. They won’t even talk about it.


After being presented with the scientific evidence, scientists who remain silent about this injustice should be ashamed of themselves.

There is no excuse, no rock you can hide under.

This is a disgrace and there is no other way to put it.

While some scientists will use the excuse that they can’t look at this data and must “stay in their lane,” these two MIT scientists cannot make that excuse. They both have a special interest in this issue. Both have chosen to look the other way while our children continue to be damaged unnecessarily.

This is the single greatest easily preventable mass human tragedy of my lifetime. And those who look the other way and refuse to speak out are enabling it to continue. It is time we hold all of them accountable.


Original source: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/what-do-two-top-mit-scientists-do