Why is Bill Gates Ignoring All the Adverse Data on the COVID Vaccines?


I’ve watched the Netflix documentary on Gates. It reflects what we know: he devours data. I have one question for him which is why is he ignoring all the adverse data on the COVID vaccines?

Bill Gates is super impressive. I’ve known him for over 40 years.

Like Elon Musk, he’s a voracious reader and knowledgeable in any field he chooses to learn about.

But in the case of COVID vaccines, Bill is willfully blind to all the adverse safety and efficacy data.

I’ve now written close to 2,000 articles on my Substack pointing out the flaws in the narrative. I doubt Bill has read a single one.

I’ve created a relatively (by my standards) short deck of questions that any critical thinker should be asking.

Can Bill answer a single one of those critical thinking questions? I seriously doubt it.

Does he even want to know the answer to any of these “critical thinking” questions?

Absolutely not and I challenge him to prove me wrong on that.

More troubling however is that Bill Gates himself hasn’t been able to come up with a single critical thinking question himself about these vaccines that he’s asking the health authorities to explain. That is truly stunning.

Has he lost the ability to think critically? Clearly not.

But in the case of the COVID vaccines, he clearly has.

He’s completely lost all critical thinking skills in this area.

What’s even worse is that he continues to promote vaccine misinformation to his 62 million Twitter followers, endangering lives

Bill: why don’t you check out the Devil’s Advocate article, for example, and point out how they got it wrong. This would be valuable to the world since nobody has been able to attack this analysis:

If Bill were an honest guy…

If Bill is really the vaccine health and safety advocate that he claims to be, he’d be:
  1. Able to explain why there are over 17,000 excess death reports in VAERS for the COVID vaccines but not for any other vaccines since 2021 and why this is happening in adverse event reporting systems worldwide
  2. Advocating for data transparency and calling for all countries and states to release the death-vax records as I have done
  3. Calling for autopsies with the required stains to be done anytime there is an unexpected death in someone who was vaccinated
  4. Criticizing the CDC for not releasing their investigation reports on vaccine related deaths. Hiding this data has no value. It will not save lives.
  5. Willing to engage with experts who disagree with him in a civil debate
  6. Able to explain how Martin Neil and Norman Fenton got it wrong in their brilliant analysis
  7. Able to explain why the FDA ignored the Pfizer Phase 3 trial data showing the vaccines made you 2X more likely to be infected
  8. Able to explain why the Cleveland Clinic study showed that the more COVID vaccines you have, the more likely you are to be infected with COVID
  9. Able to explain why in the US, the states with the highest vaccination rates have the highest mortality:
  10. Writing a large check to support our efforts at VSRF
  11. Supporting RFK Jr. for President
  12. … and much much more…

He’s doing none of these things.

Nor will he explain any of these “inconsistencies in the narrative” to his followers.

What does that tell you?

There is something very wrong here and the fact that Bill Gates is continuing to ignore the issues raised in this article should be very troubling

Please help me to bring this to his attention.

You cannot comment on his Twitter feed unless he follows you or mentions you. So I can’t comment.

And he’s ignoring all my emails on his private email, but I’ll keep trying.

An invitation to discuss the safety and efficacy data

It would be great to have a civil discussion between Bill and his experts with me and my colleagues about the issue of COVID vaccine safety and efficacy.

Bill clearly isn’t camera shy. Nobody has accused him of that.

What do you think?


Why can’t we have a discussion with Bill Gates with the cameras rolling on this important issue so we can finally settle the issue as to who exactly is spreading misinformation and who is not.

After all, according to the FDA, misinformation is the leading killer in America today:

Isn’t it time we showed America who is spreading it?

Original source: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/why-is-bill-gates-ignoring-all-the