$1M Reward for a CDC or FDA Whistleblower

By Steve Kirsch

The data was clear in January that the vaccines were unsafe. How come nobody at the CDC or FDA noticed? They ignored all attempts to alert them. If you have proof of corruption by insiders, let’s talk.

I wrote an article earlier on how the safety signals in VAERS were flashing red back in January 2021. Yet nobody at the CDC or FDA said anything even though they were watching VAERS like a hawk (as the FDA’s Steven A. Anderson admitted on video).



It’s simply impossible not to see the safety signals if they aren’t corrupt or incompetent.

Since everyone in authority says these organizations are competent, then there is only one alternative left: they are corrupt.

I am willing to pay up to $1M for information that I can give to the DOJ and state attorney generals to bring criminal charges against these people.

You don’t have to reveal your identity. All you need to do is supply information that we can authenticate that shows the corruption for how all the safety signals were ignored. You can keep your job at the CDC or FDA. Nobody has to know.

Armed with this information, we’ll also see whether any members of Congress call for an investigation. This will allow us to identify corrupt members of Congress.