Are There Any Mainstream Journalists Who Are Qualified To Write Articles on Medicine?

By Steve Kirsch

The answer is no, and I will prove it in this article.

Robert Malone just wrote a Substack, “Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified.”

He was being polite. Way too polite.

No mainstream journalist in America is qualified to write about medical issues. If they were qualified, they’d immediately realize the COVID vaccines are unsafe and tell the world the truth. They’d also be singing the praises of people like Dr. Malone, Peter McCullough, George Fareed, Brian Tyson, Richard Urso, Ryan Cole, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Aaron Kheriaty, Joe Mercola, and more and including quotes from them in their articles so as to provide balanced coverage which is what journalists are supposed to do.

Can you name such a journalist?

I didn’t think so.