Bmj Op-Ed: “Evidence Based Medicine Has Been Corrupted by Corporate Interests, Failed Regulation, and Commercialisation of Academia”

By Steve Kirsch

Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Here’s what one of the commenter’s said: “We may be looking at a systemic failure of unknown proportions.” You got that right!

The illusion of evidence based medicine, an op-ed published in the BMJ on March 16, 2022, points out that the system is now corrupt and needs major surgery to fix it.

I couldn’t agree more.

What is stunning is the relative silence from the medical community in supporting the suggested reforms. Just 5 comments on the op-ed after 9 days. All supportive of the op-ed. Not a single comment on the op-ed from anyone in the US.


The BMJ does censor comments. But I don’t.

Have a look at the comments below, especially the comment from Mathew Crawford.