Evidence From the CDC and IDSA That N95 Masks Work

By Steve Kirsch

Many people think that N95 masks work. So I thought I’d summarize the evidence for them in this article that supports their belief. Please forward this to your blue pill friends.

Here is the evidence from the CDC page on masking showing that N95 masks work:

This Page . Intentionally Left Blank | by Russ Murray | Medium

The CDC does however note that “Wearing a surgical mask and N95 respirator may have a higher risk of skin reactions compared with a cloth mask.”

Here is the evidence from the IDSA page on mask wearing evidence showing N95 masks work to reduce COVID-19 transmission:

This Page . Intentionally Left Blank | by Russ Murray | Medium

The IDSA did admit that:

In health care settings, there does not seem to be a difference between use of medical/surgical masks compared with N95/P2 respirators when used in routine care to reduce respiratory viral infection (Jefferson, November 2020).

So there is no difference between N95 and surgical masks.

But we know that surgical masks don’t work at all since the first randomized trial on mask wearing (cloth and surgical) was an utter failure as many of us have pointed out. Professor Norman Fenton is going to publish a paper soon on that asking Yale and Stanford to retract their paper. How embarrassing for them.

One reader reported this:

I was actually sitting in the dentist office watching some off-the-wall news channel and they had a segment on increased dental problems due to long term wearing of masks which cause infections.

No wonder the dentist office has you mask up. It’s good for business.