Facebook Says That Fauci Spreads Misinformation

By Steve Kirsch

Finally! The very first time I agree with Facebook on a fact check.

Fauci was actually telling the truth in this video. The poster agrees with me (the poster wrote “he actually makes sense”).

But Facebook labels the post as false information!

In other words, Facebook is saying that Fauci is spreading false information.

Fauci actually wasn’t spreading false information in this video, but I do agree that in general Fauci does spread false information (like claiming the virus didn’t come from a lab, that he didn’t fund gain-of-function research, that the vaccines are safe and effective, and that early treatments don’t work). So even though Facebook got this wrong (nobody was claiming that COVID and influenza are comparable… that was made up by the fact checker), they got it right that Fauci spreads misinformation and should not be trusted.

So it was a unique moment in history where both:

  1. Fauci was saying natural immunity is better than a vaccine
  2. Facebook was saying that Fauci spreads misinformation

So both were trustable at the same, rare moment in time 🙂