Five Nurses Speak Out About What Is Really Going On in Hospitals

By Steve Kirsch

The nurses are from America’s Frontline Nurses.

Hear first hand about the death threats, job dismissals, break ins, and shoddy treatment by the local police department. You’ll hear about how in the hospital patients were not fed for 9 days. You’ll learn why if you want to give a patient ivermectin it requires a court order. Is there a hospital where you can get decent care? Yes, they know of one hospital in Utah. Why can’t we create a hospital that puts patients first? Can you negotiate the outrageous hospital bills? (turns out you might be able to but I can’t).

Comments on Rumble include:

  • You all have my deep gratitude; the bravery to speak out in truth at risk of your own safety and livelihoods. I am so sorry for the horrors you have to witness and these perilous times worldwide.
  • As a nurse for over 35 yrs I am proud of these women. This is the absolute role of a nurse. Patient advocate!!
  • Fantastic interview! Among the best that I have ever seen. Thank you!
  • Oh gee aside from the medical side, the stuff about their messages being scrubbed, intercepted, etc. That is terrifying.

Note: Not all 5 are technically nurses. 3 are.