Have You Been Able to Red Pill Other People? How Did You Get Red Pilled?

By Steve Kirsch

Have you been able to red pill other people? How did you get red pilled?

If you were recently red-pilled or are able to red-pill others, please tell us your story. How did it happen and how long did it take? Please keep your stories brief and to the point. Thanks!

Note that the list you help make here is a key resource to help each of us red-pill our friends.

For example, the most successful person I know of had over a 95% success rate: She was their long-time doctor so there was a trust relationship and she answered their questions for an hour or more. So the key may be to red-pill doctors first. If you have a way to red-pill doctors, let me know.

I think my secret plan will red-pill a lot of doctors at the same time.