How To Protect Grandma (or Yourself) From Getting C0V-19

By Steve Kirsch

I’m showing off my new PAPR unit from Mira Safety in my latest 2-minute video:

If you are a regular reader of my substack, you know that cloth masks, surgical masks, and even N95 masks will do absolutely nothing about protecting you from getting COVID.

If you are serious about PPE, this video shows what you’d wear to protect yourself from getting COVID (or what you’d have Grandma wear to protect her).

Shown in the video are:

CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask ($240),

P3 virus filters ($150) filter out 99.9999+% of biothreats as small as .2 microns. This is serious protection, much stronger than you’d get from any other filter.

MB-90 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) unit ($400)

It’s super easy to breathe in this setup, no resistance at all.

The headgear won’t fog up due to the blower in the paper. The battery pack lasts 12 hours and uses 8 AA rechargeable batteries.

This is the shortest video I have ever made since I started my Substack.

Other alternatives
If this isn’t your cup of tea, you can find several innovative solutions in my earlier article on masks including the Leaf Mask, Air Ring, and AO-air mask, but there is no guarantee any of them will work nearly as well as this.

A good way to test for yourself whether your mask is doing its job is to watch this video of two Marines testing masks.