How To Survey Your Blue Pilled Friends

By Steve Kirsch

One of my readers suggested that I make it easy for people to survey their own friends and see the results. Just give them the hyperlink below and your unique referral code. You can win a prize too.

Please ask your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Nextdoor to help you out by filling out a short survey on public health impacts as described below. You also provide them with a unique Referral Code so when they respond, you’ll know that they were your friends.

You can see how they responded in real-time using this secret link. Their emails are redacted for privacy reasons (we don’t want to feed spammers).

How cool is that?

Now we all can analyze the data which is updated in real time as people fill out the forms.

Why this is important

We have results back from our first external poll done by a third-party polling organization. The respondents are mostly all blue pilled people.

The results were astonishing:

According to the random selection of Americans, 39% of all deaths since 2020 are *from* COVID due to respiratory distress. Whoa!

The CDC numbers show the number COVID deaths are comparable to heart disease deaths, around 14,000 per week, or around 23% of all deaths. So big difference.

Also, according to the blue pillers, deaths of the vaccinated are rare. In fact, if you’ve been vaccinated, you die at a rate significantly LOWER than you did before being vaccinated. It’s like a fountain of youth!!

So we will need to be very careful with our questions to find the truth.

Step one is to find a base of blue pill people we can test surveys on to find something that can overcome their biases. Or at least a base of blue pill people who actually see reality that matches the CDC numbers.

Results so far

I tested out this article and found:

  1. People didn’t give out a referral code or their friends didn’t use it or they just responded to my survey.
  2. We are still reaching almost all red pill people in filling out the survey

Step-by-step guide

  1. Make sure to create your own referral code
  2. Fill out the survey with YOUR referral code so I know who to thank
  3. Make sure your friends use your code
  4. Post in a place where you can reach blue pill people like LinkedIn or Facebook. For example, I never post anti-vax stuff on my Facebook or Nextdoor accounts, so these are perfect places to post the survey.
  5. See how effective you were here in getting people to respond here: real-time survey results. You can sort your local view by the “Safe?” column and compare the responses of the red pill community vs. the blue pill community in the other columns. You can then marvel at how we can both be in the same world and see things completely differently!
  6. The reader who gets the most friends to fill out the survey will win a prize of your choice: a free paid subscription for life, a live zoom call with me, $100 cash, etc. Cheaters will be disqualified so no spamming the survey to win.


Here’s the post I made on Facebook. Notice I didn’t reference COVID-19 or vaccine in my post. That way it is less likely to get flagged (Nextdoor flagged it despite my being careful). I created the unique referral code STKFB for my Facebook post, and I used STKND for my Nextdoor post. Please pick your own code(s).

Here’s my post on Nextdoor (Nextdoor of course added the very helpful link to the CDC site at the top of my post):


Here what you need to do to help me out:

  1. Make up a unique referral code like “Bob123”. Do not use Bob123!!! Pick something unique to you. Use this in <your code> in the next step.
  2. Fill out the survey yourself using the referral code you just created. That way, I know who the referral code belongs to. If you use more than one referral code, fill it out using the common set of characters, e.g., STK in my case since I used STKFB and STKND.
  3. Do a post to your social media accounts where you still have blue pill followers or a neutral spot like Nextdoor like:

“Please take a short public health impact survey here: and use the Referral Code <your code>”

If you can code up the URL as a hyperlink, even better:

“Please take a short public health impact survey and use the Referral Code <your code>. It’s really important. Thank you!”

We’ll be able to see the differences in answers since the third question is, essentially, “When Morpheus offered you a choice of pills, which pill did you take? The red pill or the blue pill?”

The reality shift is quite stunning.

From then on, I’ll be able to survey them directly if they give permission to fine tune the questions.