If You Are Age 12–17 in California, I’d Like To Give You $25K if You Can Explain to Us Why the Shots Are Safe

By Steve Kirsch

All you have to do is show me how my article about the UK ONS data is wrong and vaccines are protective for those in your age group. You’ll be an instant celebrity if you can do this impossible task.

Nobody in the California legislature is responsible for killing more kids than Senator Richard Pan

The California Legislature just voted unanimously (7-0) to move a bill (SB 866) out of committee that allows 12-17-year-olds to get vaccinated without parental consent.

Apparently Senators Wiener and Pan and Assembly Member Wicks (all co-authors) all think that parents are so busy they don’t have time to decide whether their kids should be vaccinated. That’s not mentioned in the bill.

The bill lacks any foundation whatsoever to rationalize the need for this change. Normally bills start out with a “whereas” which lists why the bill is even needed; this bill has no justification at all.

I wanted to highlight how absurd this bill is with a simple offer.

If you are 12 to 17 and live in California and you think you have the expertise to decide that the shot is safe, I’d like to give you an opportunity to show the public you fully understand the risks by simply explaining how my last article (which uses the UK ONS data showing the vaccines are more likely to kill you than save you) is wrong.

Similarly, if any of the California bill authors wants to do that, I’m open to that too.

Just indicate your acceptance in the comments and we’ll hop on a video and we’ll create a public record showing why all kids in California should be allowed to override their parents on this.

And to the authors of the bill, since you believe that the kids are wiser than their parents with respect to vaccination, why not add in a provision that any child 12-17 can REFUSE to be vaccinated even if their parents insist?

After all, kids are smarter than their parents, right?

Live in California? Please take action NOW. Just one phone call

If you live in California, please take a couple of minutes to call your California State Senator’s office and tell them what will happen to them if they vote for this bill. That link will enable you to find their contact info.