If You Speak Out Against the Vaxxine You Will Be Fired (or Lose Your License)

By Steve Kirsch

The chairman of the board of BKK Provita, Andreas Schöfbeck, was dismissed without notice after a meeting of the board of directors.

Here’s my original article of the BKK chairman disclosing the dangers of the vaccine.

Here’s the article of the board firing him shortly thereafter.

The message being sent is loud and clear: if you speak negatively of the vaccine you will be fired or lose your license to practice medicine.

Evidence is not a defense. The CDC and FDA determine what “truth” is:


Those of us who can’t be fired or lose our license will be deplatformed. For example, I’ve been banned for life from LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter… twice Twitter. I haven’t been banned from Facebook because I stopped posting there.

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