My $100K Challenge to NYC Mayor Eric Adams: “Let’s Have a Discussion on the Science Behind the NYC Mandates”

By Steve Kirsch

The NYC mandates are nonsensical. They are not justified by science. At the suggestion of NYC firefighter Sophy Medina, I have decided to challenge the Mayors of the 10 biggest cities to a debate.

NYC firefighter Sophy Medina met with me at the Pasadena Hilton today to suggest that I (along with 5 of my team members) challenge NYC Mayor Eric Adams along with his team of medical advisors (and as many helpers as they want) to a 3-hour debate on the science behind the NYC mandates. Both sides will have an equal amount of talk time.

Here is the video shot by Sophy Medina of the offer:

I’m willing to donate $100,000 to the Mayor’s favorite charity to incentivize the Mayor to come to the table and show us all how he and his team got it right and me and my team got it wrong.

If he’s justified, he will reduce vaccine hesitancy by showing we are wrong. But if he’s not justified, he will show the public that his team is inept and his policies are both nonsensical and not supported by science.

Since the Mayor believes he got it right, then he has absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain ($100K and reducing vaccine hesitancy).

Furthermore, I’m willing to extend my offer to the Mayors of the 10 largest cities in America. This limits my out of pocket cost to $1 million.

Do you think any Mayor in the US will accept my offer?

I need your help

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