My Speech at the CDC Meeting Today

By Steve Kirsch

I was selected to give a 3-minute comment at the ACIP meeting today (May 19). This is the CDC’s advisory committee on vaccines. Here’s what I am going to say in the Public Comments section at 1pm EDT.

You can watch it live on May 19, 2022. The purpose of the meeting is to approve the COVID booster for kids 5 to 11.

Here is the link for the agenda and the livestream.

The meeting starts at 11am Eastern time. The public comment section starts at 1pm EDT. I will be speaker #7.

Sadly, my personal experience has been that my speech will not make a difference. I’m sure they will unanimously approve the booster for kids 5 to 11. I’m sure none of them will reach out to me to see the data. None of them will share their data publicly because they don’t have it. I guarantee it.

However, I learned early in life that nobody ever won a chess game by resigning. So at least I will have done my part to save the lives of our kids.

I just finished the speech. Someone deliberately unmuted and made a sound of balling up paper on high volume in order to drown me out right after I started speaking. I complained and they fixed it. I was the only speaker to have been interfered with like that. Coincidence? No way.

I will let you know if I hear from anyone on the committee requesting the data. It would be extraordinary if they did. I’m not holding my breath.

My 3 minute speech

Hi. My name is Steve Kirsch. I am executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. I have no conflicts.

I urge you not to approve the boosters because we now have new direct observational data that shows very clearly that the vaccine is killing more kids than it saves.

But you shouldn’t take my word for it just like you shouldn’t take their word for it.

There is a very simple “reality check” that every member of the committee should do before this vote to find out who is telling you the truth.

And you must do this research because the CDC death data for those under 25 is not complete for any date after January 2021. And the CDC death data does not indicate suspected COVID vaccine deaths. There is no post-marketing data on this.

Do any of you know what the VAERS under reporting factor is and how it was calculated. Why not? According to the CDC’s own methodology it is over 40. Why have they never told you that?

In short, the government has not provided you with the key data you need to make a proper risk-benefit assessment. They have assumed that the vaccines haven’t caused a single death. That simply isn’t true and you can now prove that yourself, just like I did recently using adult death data which included vaccination status. The result is highly statistically significant and has not been disputed. I’ve made the data publicly available.

How to get the data you need

The BEST way to get the data you need is to do your own post-marketing survey.

Fortunately, there is an easy way for you to do this and I want to share the method I used. You can copy my method or come up with your own method.

Here’s what I did….

I have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

I asked my followers, “Do you know any kids who have died since Jan 2020? How many died from COVID? How many might have died from the vaccine?”

Recall shouldn’t be a significant bias because a child death from either COVID or the vaccine is an event that nobody forgets. So even if there is a bias towards recalling more recent events, the bias affects both options equally.

If recall is high for these events, and COVID and the vaccine have the same kill rate, we’d expect to have four times as many COVID deaths reported than vaccine deaths since the time period was more than four times larger for COVID than the vaccine for this age range (29 months vs. 7 months).

How do you explain the results?

And if the CDC is correct that the mRNA vaccines haven’t caused any deaths, the numbers should be very lopsided with dozens of COVID deaths and 0 vaccine deaths.

What I found was the exact opposite:

  1. There were 0 reported deaths from COVID, but there were 11 deaths that were judged to be vaccine related
  2. All 11 deaths were in previously healthy kids. 40% of the deaths happened in the first 7 days after vaccination.

How do you explain that? If you cannot explain that, you cannot approve the boosters today.

Please replicate the results

Please replicate this study yourself. Or contact me for the names.

I am happy to share the details of each of these unexplained deaths with the committee so you can do your own independent investigation including viewing the autopsy reports which are available for at least 40% of the deaths. None of these deaths were reported to the VAERS system suggesting that VAERS deaths are under-reported by at least a factor of 10.

If you cannot explain the result I got, you should not approve these boosters at this time. The data I received clearly shows the vaccines are doing more harm than good in this age group. There is simply no other explanation.

Do you want to see the data and talk to the parents before your vote today?

Extra credit portion (wasn’t used at the hearing)

We also have new data showing that the vaccines are more likely to kill you than save you if you are under age 60. That study data is publicly available and can be easily replicated. Nobody has disputed the analysis of the data which was done by Joel Smalley, Quantitative Data Analyst with the HART group in the UK. The result is statistically significant. Professor Norman Fenton will vouch for the quality of Joel’s work.


I stayed up all night writing this. I hope it will make a difference, but I’m not optimistic. The committee members typically “tune out” during public comments. I have never seen them reference anything that is said during the public comment period. But at least I tried.

I know that the chair is listening because she stopped me when I insulted the committee in an earlier appearance. But she ignores everything I say otherwise.