Police Investigation Opened in Sonoma on Vaxxine Injury

By Steve Kirsch

This is breaking news. I just heard about it today, but the case was opened on January 25, 2022 which was almost 2 weeks ago.

The news

A police report was filed with the Sonoma Sheriff case # is 220125009 (i.e., the 9th case opened on Jan 25) alleging crimes related to the COVID vaccines.

The case number is legitimate and a friend of mine validated it with the Sheriff’s department in Sonoma.

Please do not contact the Sheriff’s office. No action is required or requested at this time.

Something similar been done in the UK


2022 JAN 18 Market Harborough Police Stn COVID 19 Vaccination under police investigation


Today 200 Further Statements Were Submitted to CID at Hammersmith Police


My reaction: I am skeptical that this will go anywhere at this point in time

A police report goes nowhere unless the DA decides to take it to trial. This seems unlikely. Here’s why.

For someone to be convicted of a crime, there must be criminal intent. The people who are giving the vaccine and mandating its use have been brainwashed into believing the vaccine is safe and effective. Same is true of judges who happily get their booster shots. There is a provision in the law about “reasonable minds can differ” which means in this case that if a lot of people think the vaccines are perfectly safe and effective, anyone giving them can’t be convicted of a crime. When you have judges who willingly took the vaccine, it’s going to be a nearly impossible case to prosecute and win since you need a unanimous decision for a conviction.

In short, I’m not holding my breath on this effort and you probably should not as well. This is just a heads up this is happening, but I think it has a very low chance of success at this point in time.