This Could Be the Most Important Survey You’ll Ever Take

By Steve Kirsch

If the vaccines are perfectly safe, then there will be no statistically significant difference in the number of deaths right BEFORE the shot vs. right AFTER the shot. Let’s see if there is (or not).

Unfortunately, death certificates don’t list when you got vaccinated or when you were planning on getting vaccinated.

But you may have a family member or very close friend who died in the last 18 months.

And I’m hoping you can relate their death to their COVID vaccination time or expected time.

If you know someone who died and you know when they died relative to their COVID vaccination schedule, please fill out this survey.

It’s important that everyone who lost someone close to them fill this out.

If you are a doctor and know this information for your practice, you can fill this out as well.

Thank you!

I hope we’ll gain some valuable insights by looking at this problem this way.

If the results show a signal, we’ll do a more rigorous survey to confirm the signal.