To the NY Times: If You Want To Discredit Robert Malone, All You Need To Do Is Answer Our Questions

By Steve Kirsch

All of us misinformation spreaders have been desperately seeking to talk with ANYONE who can explain how the evidence is consistent with “safe and effective.” Nobody qualified is willing to do that.

Today, The New York Times published a story attacking the credibility of Robert Malone. Malone spreading “unfounded claims”? Seriously?!?!

You honestly think he makes this stuff up?!?! I work with a group of 40 scientists, engineers, statisticians who are very talented and not a single person thinks that any of Malone’s claims are “unfounded.” On the other hand, we have major issues with what the CDC and FDA say which we believe are unfounded.

So who is right?

Let me be clear: If you want to discredit Malone and other so-called “misinformation spreaders,” all you have to do is take a few hours of your time and simply answer our questions. It’s that simple.

Perhaps your health editors can answer our questions on the record?

Or you can convene a panel of “experts” to answer our questions?

Many of us have sought an on the record Q&A session to answer our questions, but nobody with even semi-reasonable qualifications will do it.

We’ve tried contacting everyone from COVID vaccine cheerleader Eric Topol and top executives at the drug companies all the way down to the very bottom of pretty much everyone’s list: ZDoggMD and Your Local Epidemiologist! No takers.

Instead, the mainstream press runs endless articles and fact-checks that don’t resolve the disinformation problem because the articles and fact-checks never address the concerns we have!


This is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to end the misinformation. Why do you keep refusing to help set us on the right path?

Nobody will answer our questions. Not for any amount of money.

I offered a million dollars to any member of the CDC or FDA committee to answer some questions. No takers.

I offered to pay the student loan debt of any med school student who could answer our questions. Five people responded but none of them could answer even a single softball question we gave them.

So I then offered any qualified “authority” a similar offer saying we would pay their asking price if they were willing to answer our questions. No takers. Again, not a single person could answer any of the softball “qualifying questions” we asked on the form.

After reading the Times article, I reached out to Dr. Rasmussen since she trashed Malone in the article:

I am hoping that she will defend her statements, but I seriously doubt it.

Please share this article… it is SAFE to share!

Please share this article on social media with your blue-pilled friends.

Please share it with anyone you know at the Times.

Maybe one of them can find someone qualified to answer our questions. Sharing this article should not cause you to be banned. If anything, the social networks should want to see this article highly promoted so they can stop misinformation!

Direct any applicants to the form here. We can’t wait to have our questions answered!