UCLA Physician Reveals How the Dean of the School Justified His Decision on the Vaxxine Mandate

By Steve Kirsch

I wandered the crowd at the Defeat the Mandates rally on Sunday April 10 talking to people.

I struck up a conversation with a doctor at UCLA who was being forced to leave due to the vaccine mandates.

I asked her, “Did you talk to your Dean about the science? Surely he must realize these vaccines are deadly.”

Her answer stunned me. She said, “I asked him if he wanted to see the data. He said, “I don’t have time for that. I’m just going to follow the CDC.””

So there you have it. The missing piece of the puzzle.

Putting it all together

  1. They won’t debate me or any of my team members because they will argue we are all unqualified.
  2. They won’t be held accountable by their peers either because they will say that they are simply too busy to look at the data themselves and will just trust the CDC.

This is why we have a problem. We can’t expose the CDC as corrupt because nobody will look at the data based on 1 and 2. So the deception continues unabated.

As a computer scientist, we’d call this an infinite loop.