VSRF Call Thur Mar 24: Vax Mandates and Our Armed Forces

By Steve Kirsch

Wow. Check out the insanity in these photos. Face shields and masks and they are all outdoors. If this isn’t mass brainwashing, I don’t know what is. Whatever happened to science?

COVID Vaccine Mandates and Our Armed Forces

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 17 @7pm Eastern. Register at www.vacsafety.org

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The threat of global war is the highest it’s been since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and yet the US Navy can’t deploy an unidentified destroyer because its commanding officer has refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Citing religious objections to the vaccine and using the protections under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the CO of the ship has so far prevailed in Federal Court. The Navy cannot relieve him of his command simply because he won’t take the vaccine, and they refuse to deploy the ship while it’s under his command. Wow.

Destroyer can’t deploy because CO won’t get COVID vaccine, Navy says (navytimes.com)

It’s an extraordinary turn of events that unfortunately hasn’t worked for all service members who’ve refused the vaccine on religious, health, or philosophical grounds.

Aside from the moral objections to the vaccine, military pilots and commanders who’ve been vaccinated may pose a unique danger to their crews due to adverse reactions to the jabs. I covered this in the beginning of February when a US Navy fighter pilot crashed a $100 million dollar plane 72 hours after receiving a booster shot. Myocarditis was suspected, but of course taxpayers won’t be given any real account of why this crash occurred. Since it’s not been released by now, that means it isn’t going to be released. Ever.

See US Navy F-35 crash: Was it vaccine related? (substack.com)

Watch the crash (Fortunately the pilot survived and could report on what happened, but he isn’t allowed to talk since that would cause vaccine hesitancy)

Green Beret, military surgeon, and whistleblower Dr. Peter Chambers, Mandate Attorney Danielle Runyan, and Hayden Robichaux, who was just discharged from the Marines for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination, join our show tomorrow night.

We’ll be discussing these Military Mandates, how they harm readiness, the effects these vaccine discharges have on morale and recruitment, as well as the legal steps our US military service members can take to protect their rights.

We’ll also be joined by “Anonymous,” a member of the Armed Forces, who for obvious reasons, can’t use his name to talk freely about the mandates.