Your Brain on Coconut Oil with Dr. Mary Newport – Episode 2201

By Vinnie Tortorich

Episode 2201 – On this Friday’s show, Vinnie Tortorich welcomes Dr. Mary Newport back to the show and they discuss brain health, your brain on coconut oil, her upcoming book, and more.

Here’s what others had to say:

Your remission story inspires me to stay low carb. You’ve been a blessing

Just found your channel. Been carnivore for about 5 years. You are a great human being. Love how you love your parents.

Well not a scientist but conduct “studies” on myself. MCT oil works a hot dang. Keto and fasting makes me feel wonderful and has my energy levels up, up and up. I haven’t eaten sugar for years. No one I speak with gets it…I feel like saying,”If I pay you will you at least try?” You are speaking hard truths and for some they can’t get past the old 1960’s all fats are bad, thinking…and sure enough what do they use? Becel.

For many generations indians and many other cultures used coconut oil for cooking and many other purposes. Life longevity at an everage was around 80. Our culture gravidually changed with the introduction of other vege based oils. The intructduction of cheap and easily available vege based oils changed our culture. The impact of machine processed vege based oils requirs research..

A personal experience, I put a couple tablespoons of coconut oil on top of my head and I let it melt in and I couldn’t stop thinking or sleep for most of the day and night. Would have been great if I was studying for an exam. Love the short chain fatty acids.

Coconut oil has been around for more than a thousand years..Captin Cook on one of his many voyage bring coconut to the new world.America and the Caribbean..In the Caribbean they used it as hair oil,lotion for cooking,mix with burned garlic and honey for cold on babies chest,and good for Sun burns and bronchitis. Use the juice to cook food and veggies.

Carb is not a problem. Maybe American unnatural carb is the problem. In Japan or most of asia we eat rice every day even for breakfast. People are slim.

Also Silica helps heal dementia and Alzheimer’s. In food grade distriamaceous earth – but cheapky at Tractor Supply

Sooo why doesn’t Dr Mary Newport also give the coconut oil cure to her sisters etc whom she says has Alzheimers??

Yes, and unfortunately saturated fat is also NOT an “artery clogging fat” either.
Hopefully no one hears her saying this and takes us backwards in that respect.

Do plz tell us does coconut oil change to MCT gud triglyceride & good cholestrol in de body by the microbiome whic is needed by our brain, nerves etc. Soon we will see even coconut oil in no no time maybe adulterated with popularity. There is plain & Virgin hand wood pressed Coconut oil. One doesn’t & one does solidify, hardens at room temperature …yet is it Ok

Which kind of Veleka Pepe oil to buy – there comes many bottles with different names? Please give me contact information. Thank you. Very interesting show I’m watching first time.

Agencies and organisations work for corporate capitalist. Bottom line is profits not your health.

So controversial. There are so many websites with Doctors saying coconut oil is bad, Keto is bad, meat is bad. I’m just not going to watch utubes anymore. No one really knows what’s right to eat!!


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