An Open Debate Challenge to the 270 “Experts” Who Signed the Spotify Letter Challenging Robert Malone

By Steve Kirsch

The challenge

To the 270 scientists, medical professionals, professors, and science communicators who signed the letter to Spotify complaining about medical misinformation:

We challenge every Professor and medical doctor (MD) who signed the Open Letter to a live recorded Zoom debate at 10am PST on January 28, 2021 for 3 hours. The purpose is to identify and expose any misinformation on the Joe Rogan podcast cited in the letter (JRE #1757).

We are old fashioned. We think scientific agreements should be settled by open discussion between scientists and not assigned to unknown, unqualified, and unnamed censors who hide deep inside the bowels of high tech companies.

I hope you agree with that and will accept our offer to an old fashioned scientific debate.

How to accept if you are a Professor or MD who signed the Spotify letter

The first 12 Spotify letter signatories who are either a Professor or MD to accept the challenge will be the debaters on your side of the table. We will also accept substitutions if you are willing to give up your slot to a signer who later finds out about the debate offer.

If you are a Professor or MD who signed the letter, to respond to the challenge, please email:

with your name, title, and phone number so that we can verify you.

You should also accept our challenge by posting to your Twitter account as well (include #SpotifyDebateChallenge in your tweet), and you must PROVIDE a link your Twitter acceptance in your email as this is verification that it is really you who is accepting our challenge. You can also note your acceptance in the comments below.

IMPORTANT: Please put #SpotifyDebateChallenge in the subject line and include the hyperlink to your Tweet publicly accepting the challenge.

Note: If you are a qualified academic scientist in infectious disease, epidemiology, or other relevant field, we invite you to apply as well, but we will give priority to the 12 slots to professors and MDs. We want to make sure your side has the highest quality representation.

Our team

We will supply 12 debaters from our team which includes people such as Robert Malone, Robert F. Kennedy, and others. We will also invite Joe Rogan to attend if he is available.

Debate topics will be limited to statements made on the podcast

The topics will be limited to the topics you raised in your letter, i.e., we will examine the truth of any statement made on the Joe Rogan podcast by Robert Malone that you cited in your letter. Otherwise, we will never finish.

Debate rules

The rules of the debate are simple, fair, and 100% symmetrical. No side has an advantage.

The public is invited to watch it live, we’ll post the video on the VSRF website afterwards for everyone to see, and we’ll also livestream it.

Debate links

We will post the public debate registration links to this article by midnight PST on Jan 20. So come back here for an update on Jan 21 to register.

If you are one of the debaters, you will be sent a private participant link at least 24 hours prior to the debate via your email.

Rain or shine

We will be there as long as there is at least one qualifying respondent who signed the letter. Otherwise, it won’t be much of a debate.