High Tech Mask Alternatives

By Steve Kirsch

Cloth, surgical, and N95 masks don’t work. But lots of innovation is happening. Most of these designs are not available, but maybe soon. Have a look.

There are some intriguing new options designed to provide virus protection in both directions.

Mira Safety mask with P-3 filters

I have a Mira Safety respirator with an optional PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) backpack. Breathing is effortless. Comes in at around $800 with the PAPR unit and $400 for just the mask and the set of P-3 filters.

This respirator definitely does work.

AIR2 from MicroClimate

This device makes total sense to me. It’s basically a PAPR (which is good) with HEPA filters in both directions (to make the CDC happy).

Compared to my Mira Safety mask, this mask is cheaper, more convenient, more compact, more “CDC compliant” (since it works in both directions), but lower filtration.

This mask should outperform any facemask option (cloth, surgical, N95) and provide at least some level of protection (compared to nothing for the CDC recommendations). Because of the fans, these masks have no breathing resistance whatsoever.

Of course, as you might expect, most airlines will require you to wear a useless mask under this mask because it’s not about science or effectiveness or your safety: it is about compliance with CDC rules.

Even though this meets all the CDC requirements, it doesn’t matter: they can kick you off the plane and ban you forever from traveling if you argue with them. The flight attendants are clueless about science and applying the CDC guidelines.

The HEPA filters on these masks are only 97% effective (compared to the P100 or P-3 filters on my Mira Safety mask which are way better). Only $300.


Air-ring looks cool, it isn’t yet available:

AO-air mask

Another option: AO-air mask. This is also not yet commercially available, but you can join the waitlist.

Leaf Wellness mask scam

This mask was a TOTAL scam.

They promote it, take your money, and then they don’t deliver anything.

Here’s the website which no longer exists: Leaf Wellness

As you can see from this Twitter message from “Too woke for you” they were promoting this using an account that no longer exists, even replying to one of my Twitter posts (back in the days before Twitter banned me for life).