Rally in Salem, Oregon Feb 1

By Steve Kirsch

The rally (organized by Children’s Health Defense) will be at the Capitol Mall right across the street from the Salem Capitol building. Starts at 11am on Feb 1.

You can hear from one of the “Disinformation Dozen” Kevin Jenkins. I’ll be speaking as well.

Here’s what others had to say:

jacquelyn sauriol
The rally was great and I actually saw peoples faces, and held their hands. I feel human(s) again.

John Lockhart
Is anything coming to Eugene?

I so wish the rally could make an impact in Oregon, but sadly, I fear it’s hopeless here. OR is in the twilight zone of insanity.

andrea o
grateful. . . as always. . .

We were so honored to see you speak at the rally in Sonoma yesterday. You are such a great source of knowledge, and never afraid of a challenge (unlike the guy who walked away after you answered his question). Thank you for being a warrior for truth!

Bull Dog
I cant unfortunately. I do live nearby

Rosa the Riveted
So happy to hear you’ll be here in Oregon! We need more sane voices here speaking out against our idiotic government! I’m ready to move to Florida!

I’m coming from the Medford OR area!! Thanks for all you do!

Manny V
Good luck. Oregon is a special kind of stupid.