What I Think of the Bryan Ardis Video, “Watch the Water”

By Steve Kirsch

The video is out. I’ve seen it. A few parts I agree with. For most other parts I’m skeptical. I’ve invited Bryan to meet with my colleagues so we can ask questions.

In this article, I give my overall reaction and then specifically respond to some of the key points in the video.

Some parts I agree with. Most parts I remain unconvinced.

We agree there is evidence that the virus is similar to snake venom.

But as for the other assertions (such as it’s a poison spread through the water), I’m not buying it.

I’ve scheduled a recorded discussion between Bryan and my experts to see if we can form a consensus. That call happens on Thursday April 14 (tomorrow). I’ll post the video.

I’ll update this article as I learn more.

Here are my impressions at the moment.

The videos

Here is the Stew Peters interview (1 hour):


Here is the Brighteon interview (Part 1). Here is part 2.

Bryan also said we should read this article (VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)) written by Mike Adams.

My reaction

It’s an interesting narrative. I watched the Stew Peters episode and haven’t watched the Brighteon episodes yet, so with those caveats, these are my preliminary thoughts:

  1. It is good that Bryan is attending the call this Thursday with my colleagues. This is something that people promoting false narratives never agree to.
  2. My colleagues who have seen the videos believe some parts (similarity with snake venom), but not others (poison spread through the water).
  3. Most of us didn’t like the narrative presentation. It would have been much better to enumerate up front what the novel claims were and then methodically justify each claim with evidence. Instead it was a long mystery novel.
  4. My readers are split on whether Dr Ardis is credible as you’ll see from the comments below.
  5. Everyone agrees he’s making some observations that are worthy of discussion.
  6. I was amazed at the fortune cookie story at the end of the Stew Peters interview. That just seems too hard to believe. But I don’t think Bryan would lie about it either. That part was really hard to believe, but apparently true.
  7. He mispronounced Genentech and was unfamiliar with them. Odd.
  8. The Bing Liu murder is real. I’m not buying the lover’s quarrel story promoted by the police because nobody knew he had a girlfriend. More on this in another substack.

If I had heard this video a year ago, I would have totally dismissed it. But the most important lesson of the pandemic is to not be so fast as to dismiss things that don’t fit your narrative.

Do I think Dr. Ardis has “solved” it and all the pieces fit together? No, but I’m willing and open to being convinced.

Other people like Dr. Sabine Hazan have totally different theories as to what is going on and how the virus spreads. I’ll let her disclose her theory when she is ready. It’s very different from what Bryan says.

The point is that different people have different hypotheses that they believe. It’s good to hear different points of view. That’s how we learn.

My take on his key points

Here are some of the key points and my thoughts on them:

  1. Do I think it is a poison rather than a virus? No. You can’t get poisoned from another person through close contact like at a party. More importantly, if it is a poison, this would have been discovered by now by someone. Also, poisons don’t replicate over time so the “viral load” won’t increase over time. I’m not buying it. If it is a poison, why would a treatment like fluvoxamine be so effective?
  2. Do I think it is spread through the water? I doubt it. The virus has spread worldwide. It would take massive coordination to poison water supplies all over the world and not get caught. Ardis conflates CDC sponsored testing of municipal wastewater for COVID with the water we drink.
  3. Do I think the virus is related to snake venom? Yes, we’ve been talking about that for over a month internally. I don’t think this part is controversial. Dr. Tau Braun was discussing the similarities to snake venom in late 2020.
  4. Is Ardis on a hit list? Probably. What I know is that there is credible evidence that Ardis is being targeted. I heard that assertion directly from a top government official. However, there is no explicit “hit list” that anyone has seen.

Is it spread through the air almost exclusively? That’s an interesting question. That’s the current thinking. I also know that there were several people who got sick at the DTM event who all worked in the same room together. I doubt it was in the water or in the food. So I’m still a believer in the traditional explanations of viral spread, but I’m open to seeing evidence that I’m wrong.

If I missed a key point you’d like an opinion on, let me know in the comments.

I’ve invited Bryan to our team call on Thursday and let you know more then.