Will McGill’s “Pseudoscience Buster” Debate Me? Or Is He Chicken?

By Steve Kirsch

I’m betting he’s chicken. None of these fact-checkers/myth busters ever want to be challenged for some reason…

This is Jonathan Jarry’s profile.

This is Jonathan Jarry on Twitter (8,402 followers).

This is a Google image search for Jonathan. Check out his title: “Pseudoscience buster”

Jonathan’s hit piece

This is Jonathan’s hit piece on me that he wrote in (what I believe is) his blog “Critical Thinking” which is an interesting choice for a name since it’s clear Jonathan is sorely lacking in that area (read his articles on VAERS and on masks, for example). He even goes after JP Sears. Wow.

Unlike most of the authors of the other hit pieces on me, Jonathan is at least semi-skilled in what he writes about.

This is the email I just sent to Jonathan on June 3, 2022:

Topics for our discussion

Here are some options:

  1. Safety and efficacy of the vaccine: the elephant in the room. Maybe we can talk about how many people have been killed by the vaccines and start with the 5 to 11 year olds. He can explain why more kids died from the vaccine than from COVID.
  2. Masks: where is the evidence?
  3. My 1 hour interview that I just did with Reiner Fuellmich (that Sage Hana has rated my best interview of all time).
  4. My new slide deck (view or edit).
  5. One of the 575 articles I’ve written on my Substack since it began.
  6. Any of my 100 questions; wouldn’t it be awesome if he would enlighten us with his wisdom on tackling those questions?

Or maybe a mix.

What will Jonathan do now?

Let me know in the comments your prediction on how he will respond.

I predict he’ll run for cover. I’m sure he’s too busy to chat with me. He had time to read my stuff and write up the hit piece, but I’ll bet he’s now tied up with another really important project… for the next 20 years.