How to help save someone, who has taken the COVID-19 jabs, before it’s too late.

As we’ve seen with the massive Covid fraud, the medical industry, thanks largely to Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and their fellow vaccine cronies, has become one of the most fraudulent industries on the planet. It is and has used Global Public Health, as a way to funnel hundreds of billions from taxpayers around the world, into their pockets and the pockets of big Pharma. Effectively creating a Medical Industrial Complex that has no bounds. By it working with intelligence agencies, and large groups, funded by the likes of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Gates and Fauci’s control of Us Government Medical Agencies. They have been able to hype, and rebrand influenza into a supposed Global Pandemic, fooling billions, and rape and pillaging country after countries health budgets for their greedy financial gains, and cause unnecessary deaths from deadly and dangerous Covid 19 vaccines, banning effective treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxy chloroquine. They also fraudently had approvals for treatments like Remdesivir , a banned Ebola drug, that kills patients in 6-10 days added as a Covid treatment despite knowing it kills fast. But one needs deaths to pull off a falsified pandemic that even in Gates words recently “ has a low fatality rate much like a flu and seems to only afflict the elderly”.

TruthMed will save lives by being an educational resource, that helps people stay healthy and reduce the deadly side affects and adverse reactions of the Covid vaccines.Plus it will partner and collaborate with leading Global independent Doctors and Scientists who are helping save those suffering adverse reactions to the Covid 19 vaccines, or spike protein infections from the unvaccinated who suffer from being around the vaccinated.

Sadly as billions have been vaccinated globally with a rushed time to market, Phase 3 experimental drug that’s knowingly killing millions already, and injured tens of millions, the demand for knowledge and treatments to save the vaccinated will become a multi billion industry.

TruthMed plans to assist in helping as many as possible to help save humanity from what it believes will be the “greatest humanitarian disaster humans have to date faced – Covid 19 Vaccine adverse reactions “

Those Stating this several years ago were called “conspiracy theorists”, yet once again were correct. This fraudulent medical industrial complex’s only defence appears to be” it’s a conspiracy theory “when anyone raised valid questions or highlights what is blindingly obvious to anyone that refused to swallow the “Kool aid”.

We ask for a subscription donation, to help fund and support our work. As the demand for education and access to effective treatments to help save the billions, that sadly has taken a dangerous and often fatal, Covid 19 vaccine, is immense.

We also help support the Doctor’s who have courageously stood up for their patients, and remained independent. And are willing to help save lives, verse the Doctors that simply push the WHO controlled deadly hospital medical protocol’s, that include such deadly drugs, like Remdesivir(a formerly banned Ebola drug, because it killed 54% of trial patients, that Gates and Fauci had re approved to treat Covid, despite it knowingly kills even healthy patients, in 6-10 days.

To access a TruthMed subscription you can become a 12 month Subscriber to TruthTalks and access their 12 month package which includes a 12 month subscription to Truth Ed as well.

Help save anyone who has taken the deadly Covid vaccines, by accessing the best Vaccine Detox, by the most successful Independent Doctors, with their proven detox protocols. This content is critical to saving those who have unfortunately been vaccinated. Some may not show adverse reactions for years, but if vaccinated they are unlikely to escape injury within 5-10 years or less.

Access an abundance of truth in medicine articles and content, to remain healthy and alive. Access ongoing TruthMed Educational content and services.

Access various doctors protocols on how to detox from the deadly vaccines and their treatments. And also how the unvaccinated can protect themselves from spike protein poisoning. ​


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