What Does Fair Work Have To Say About Terminating an Employee for Failing To Comply With Vazzination Orders?

By Health Australia Party

What does Fair Work have to say about terminating an employee for failing to comply with vaccination orders?


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Tessa Ford
I thought it was in the Australian constitution that no one can be force to have a medical procedure. It’s one of the questions you do when applying for citizenship.

David Bridson
Informed consent is required before accepting any medical procedure. It is a very important process, and any form of coercion, threats, punishment or punitive action is specifically prohibited. Collective action is likely required to be certain that no one is forced against their legal rights to submit to any medical procedure…

Heather Jones
They can’t mandate the vax, but they can make the majority believe it’s mandatory.

Christine Bauer
The word here is law and as I understand taking the vaccine or even the mandates aren’t law, they are directives.

Kendall Bird
Interesting that the ruling via ‘Fair’ work commission board today for the Kimber v Sapphire case today didn’t abide by those rules and they denied an appeal despite the fact the judge believed Kimber was unfairly dismissed.
So now they take it to federal court as clearly this system is corrupt.

Teresa Etie
This is one of the outcomes, not so easy to win unfortunately. They were refused to appeal & have to take it to another court.

Dianne Williams
Companies are making their own rules and thumbing their noses at the legislation. At my local Bowls Club I witnessed a receptionist brat demanding to see the ‘mask exemption’ document of a member who had come to spend money at the club. Even more astonishing is that there was no objection to this outrageous demand. A bit of a bloody kid behind a computer is suddenly a powerful figure.