Canadian Truckers Status Update at 6 PM PST Tonight (March 8)

By Steve Kirsch

I received this message from Roy Beyer, Executive Director for and I’m reposting it here to maximize the visibility of tonight’s event:

TBOF Canada-Connects Webcast: Tuesday, March 8 at 6PM PST/ 7PM MT/ 9 PM ET

HUGE, Important Webcast: Two heroic guests to expose Trudeau’s globalist agenda and next steps that must be taken to end his unlawful and unconstitutional C-19 Mandates (finish what Freedom Convoy 2022 started in Ottawa).

Tom Marazzo: Chief spokesperson for the Freedom Convoy movement in Ottawa will be sharing his thoughts as to the achievements and the unfinished business of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

Jeff W. Rath: Canada’s leading C-19 lawyer and Board Member of will be sharing his thoughts as to the danger and extremism of the Trudeau agenda and steps he’s taking at a citizen to make sure the C-19 abuses of power (by the Premiers and Prime Minister) NEVER happen again.