Join Us at Defeat the Mandates, Los Angeles, This Sunday April 10 in Grand Park at Noon

By Steve Kirsch

Defeat the Mandates, Los Angeles

Defeat the Mandates is coming in big to Southern California, on Sunday, April 10th at noon in Grand Park, in the heart of Mandate Country….Los Angeles.

After our great success in DC this past January, we decided we needed to bring this rally to where it was needed most: Los Angeles.

California needs Defeat the Mandates more than anywhere else in America

From North to South, Coast to Inland, the people of my state are constrained, restricted and oppressed by thousands of mandates that a few years ago would have been considered the wild fantasy of some punk dystopian novel.  Even now, the State Legislature is considering a series of bills that would expand the vaccine mandates to a level that no one would have thought possible a few months ago.

The last bill, AB1993 requires every employer in California to ensure that every employee, no matter where that employee is located in the world, regardless of whether they work at home or in the office, get a COVID-19 vaccine. Limited exemptions are allowed. This is insane. We know from the UK data that the more you vaccinate, the greater the damage to your immune system and the more likely you are to be infected. Basically, they want to preserve the state of emergency forever.

Here’s the recent UK data (March 17, 2022 from page 45):

It’s clear. Triply vaccinated people are, on average, more than 3 times more likely to get infected than unvaccinated patients.

In short, the California legislature is trying to kill us

Although AB1993 is now TEMPORARILY on hold, make no mistake, they will bring it back.

So if you live in California and you support forced vaccination with a deadly vaccine, there is simply no need to attend the rally. But if you’re as mad about this as I am, then please attend and/or donate.

There will be dozens of speakers: Dr. Malone, Dr. Kheriarty, Jimmy Dore, Angela Stanton-King, Dr. McCullough as well as Live Music acts. Half were until very recently, Democrats.  We still consider ourselves Liberals. There’s a range of vaccinated and unvaccinated people.  We’re from different parts of the country and have different occupations.  We don’t agree on everything.  We don’t speak with the same voice or tone.  We don’t have the same look or origin story.  But we’ve come together because the mandates are breaking our country.  It’s dividing our people further than we’ve been divided in a very long time.  It’s tearing apart the very fabric of our social democracy. Mandates and coercion have to go. Completely, totally, forever.

Here’s one of our promo posters:

So here’s what we need you to do

  1. If you’re in Southern California or can travel, go to and register for the rally on Sunday, April 10th at 11am.  The program starts at noon.  If you live farther away but can come, please do so.
  2. Please consider supporting the rally by any amount you can.  The strength of our movement is assessed partially by how much grassroots support we get in making these rallies viable.  You can donate via credit card at our GiveSendGo (we are monitoring this campaign 24/7 to ensure that all security protocols are being followed). You can also donate by Crypto.
  3. Spread the word.  On your social media profiles, to your friends and family.  We are holding this rally while being shadowbanned, deplatformed, censored and harassed by the Big Tech oligarchs.  Word-of-mouth is key in building our attendance.

The Mandate System Won’t End Unless We Grow Our Momentum

It’s up to the voters of California in November to decide which way they want to go: towards authoritarianism and dystopia or towards tolerance and freedom.