The FAA and Airlines Are Violating Federal Law

By Steve Kirsch

All the focus is on YOU wearing a mask. But this is a distraction. The big violation of federal law is by the FAA and the airlines in allowing vaccinated pilots to operate the plane.

I hate all the nagging whenever I fly that I have to wear a mask. This is nonsensical because the randomized trials all show that masks make no difference (unless you are wearing a P100 respirator or better).

This seems to be a distraction though, because the serious violation is being done by the FAA and airlines themselves in allowing pilots who have been vaccinated with the experimental vaccine to fly. That’s prohibited under federal law.

This was very clearly brought to the attention of the FAA and airlines three and a half months ago on December 15, 2021:


Their response: crickets.

At a minimum, I suggest that the next time you board a plane, point out to the flight attendants that the plane is being operated in violation of federal law.