ANR Chief Editor, Jamie McIntyre Shares How Many Including Our PM John Howard Actually Believed There Were “Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq” Only To Realise After Millions Died

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre


ANR Chief Editor, Jamie McIntyre shares how many including our PM John Howard actually believed there were “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” only to realise after millions died, it was a lie all along. And how this year more will discover Covid 19 was a lie all along – it never was a pandemic – just a rebranding of influenza, to sell profitable vaccines, and deadly Remedesvir, and to push a dangerous political agenda, of Global Communism,” The Great Reset “where you’ll own nothing, and be happy”. And now millions will die from the vaccines, (already are – adverse reactions are not rare just rarely reported) and worse hundreds of millions, will be injured for life, with no one to look after them. The deaths in Australia right now and globally aren’t from Covid – they are from the vaccinated dying from the vaccine -90% of deaths are the vaccinated – the others are being killed with Remedsvir mostly. The vaccines are bioweapon and it will cull the population. Govts were tricked into pushing it onto its innocent population and to cover up the total disaster they have created they keep pushing it to try and cover up vaxx deaths by saying “it Covid”. We warned in 2020 they would do it. They now are killing even 5-year-old kids. If the Government doesn’t wake up and stop the vaxx roll out millions more will die.

If you’ve been double vaxxed you may only have 3-10 years left to you’ll die or to you take a booster – many die after 2 and don’t make the third/ if you don’t get urgently detoxed from these deadly bioweapons you are facing what people do when they are told they have “cancer”. Worse than dying is the misery of being confined to a bed for the rest of your life from the vaccines. Doctors from the Us Heart Association have extrapolated data from the deaths of athletes from the vaxx to highlight they estimate conservatively 63 million cardiovascular deaths in 2022 alone.,