Ignorance Is Deadly – How Long Before Mass Global Panic Kicks In, Once the Masses Figure Out the C0VID Vaxxines Are Lethal Injections That Will Kill and Injure on Mass?

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre


Ignorance is deadly – how long before mass global panic kicks in , once the masses figure out the Covid vaccines are lethal injections that will kill and injure on mass ? Don’t get a vaccine detox asap then God can’t even
help you . Search vax detox on www.anrnews.com

Here’s what others had to say:

David Dowker
Now Shane Warne is a Celebrity -have a look at the Code and see what Kind of Covid he really Had

Brendan Edgerton

Shane, you were WARNed but you didn’t listen.

Gee Gee Wain
Learn to live with it as he said OR learn to die with it…. It took the whacks and now he is dead.