30-Year-Old Teacher Died After Taking Covid Vaxx
By Staff Reporter
Grief happened in our family.
My cousin’s 30-year-old wife died on July 25.
She was a beautiful, young, energetic mother of three gorgeous kids. She was a teacher by profession.

Death came suddenly, no one expected it. A young girl of 30 years old died of a blood clot in the pulmonary artery.
How so? Why do I hear about this cause of death so often lately? Why do young 30s die of a blood clot? Who can finally explain to us what’s going on?
She got vaccinated more than 40 days ago because she was going to return to her favorite job.
Our grief has no value now, and how many more such deaths can we expect?
Leave little children without a mother and a husband without a beloved wife!!! There are so many questions and there are no answers to them. Is this a coincidence?
We grieve.